About us

Do you wanna know who are we?

We are a small brand, based in Portugal. Our team is made by the owner Carolina, a lovely designer called Beatriz and an amazing team of  seamstress, how make every piece with love. 


But, how it all started?

It all started when i, Carolina Figueiredo, a 23 years- old girl, fell l in love by sewing. It all started when i found a sewing workshop and realized that sewing swimwear had something magical...having bikinis no one had, at my own taste, mixing cool prints and having everyone asking where i bought it. And that was when I decided how cool will it be to give every girl, the chance to make her own customized bikini, different from the rest...and that's how this brand started.

So, we provide you the chance to either bought a bikini or to customize your own.                      


If you want to know more about our mission, click here