We are committed with making our brand, a sustainable one! We do have a long path to cross, but we are working on it, and making the changes we can, to use more responsible materials and improve our brand.

Our packaging 

We use boxes made from 90% recycled cardboard and fully recyclable. Plus, every box supports reforestation and helps planting a tree. With every box, we make sure to use the minimum amount of stickers, just the enough to close the box, also, our logo and address is manually stamped. 


Our production is made in portugal by a local seamstress atelier. We value well paid work, with good work conditions for our seamstress, that’s why we are a fair trade brand!
Also, for the close relation with this team, we can make sure they work under good conditions and be more close to the production, ensuring that we do the minimum waste we can!

Swimwear Fabric

For our swimwear, we use ECONYL®, a regenerated Nylon that turns waste problems into fashion solutions. The ECONYL® fibre is made out of ocean waste like fishing nets that can no longer be used, and also, textile scarps that were destined for disposal.  If you wish to know more about this process, click here!

We also use lining that, although is not a recycled one yet, it's from a previous stock we already have, and when it's over, we will replace it by a recyclable one, so there is no waste. 


Helping others

For every item we sell, we’ll be donating 1€ to Thirst Project Portugal, an organization that provides water to Eswatini, the country with the highest HIV tax. We suggest you to read more about they’re mission here and if you want, donate directly to them. 

Do you know what’s best? 1€ gives water for two persons and for 1year, so by every bikini you buy, you are given a chance for clean water.